What is Mindfulness?  How Can I Start a Practice?

What Is Mindfulness & How Can I Practice It?

Mindfulness & Heartfulness Are Synonymous!

In Asian languages, the word for heart & mind are the same, & mindfulness is derived from Asian cultures. Keep this in mind as you start to learn a PRACTICE of mindfulness.  It is truly a practice of heartfulness, self-compassion & acceptance.  We practice by doing a few things: 

Paying Attention

On Purpose

In a Particular Way (with curiosity & equanimity, & non-judgement)

To the Here & Now

Sounds simple doesn't it?  It is deceivingly simple, yes, but be kind to yourself because it isn't always easy.  As Yoda so wisely teaches in Star Wars, "You must unlearn what you have learned."  We have been conditioned to get stuck in our minds, to judge, to be self-critical, & to put more value on doing than on BEING.  So just for today, we can start to strengthen our ability to BE PRESENT.  When we do this, we find our power.  In a time where things feel unclear & our routine has changed, practicing MINDFULNESS is more helpful than ever.  You can start with this mindful meditation & email us for much more content and a 5 for 5 Program that offers 5 days of 5 minute practices to help you strengthen your awareness & increase your enjoyment of every day experiences!  For daily tips please follow us on Facebook. 





How Can I Use Mindfulness to Build Resiliency?

Mindfulness Helps Us Find Equanimity & Emotional Resilience.

Mindfulness helps us be in the NOW. This helps  us enjoy the good moments~ knowing they won't last, and it also helps us manage the tough times~ knowing they, too, won't last.  We can use NOW as an acronym for Never Over Whelmed.  When we focus on what we can do right now, or what is happening right now, we find empowerment, equanimity  & resilience. 


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