Mindful Wellness School Curriculum

Mission: To improve teacher daily experience in the classroom by helping them Think Well, Eat Well, Move Well and Be Well.

Vision: Every teacher deserves a supportive school district. We believe in teachers and want to help rekindle their passion to teach and be their best selves at work & home through Mindful Wellness.

Kristin Johnson Bott, Founder:

A Year of Mindful Wellness for Staff

A Year of Mindful Wellness for Staff



As a former teacher, I bring a combined expertise of 17 years as a middle school teacher, 11 years leading at-risk programs, and 29 years as a corporate fitness/wellness professional. Mindful Wellness offers life-changing solutions to the plague of chronic stress. Teachers give so much of themselves and when they are overwhelmed, exhausted and burned out, the district suffers – with higher insurance premiums, increased illness, chronic pain, doctor visits and increased turnover. It is my passion to support teachers, advocating to reduce their stress and improve their mindset so they can perform and reignite their passion for teaching.


Focusing on the teacher is the foundation to improve a child’s experience and performance in the classroom. It effects workplace culture if teachers are stressed out, overwhelmed and unsupported. We need to be inclusive and take better care of our teachers' mental and physical health.

 It is critical to not overlook the importance of a healthy, happy, engaged teacher in the overall formula for success.  

 After lying the foundation for a mindful workplace, we have follow up curriculum for mindful classrooms for those interested! 

A Year of Mindful Wellness for Staff

A Year of Mindful Wellness for Staff

A Year of Mindful Wellness for Staff



Are you frustrated figuring out how to best serve your teachers and staff? Mindful Wellness LLC brings training and curriculum in wellness initiatives designed to reduce the stress that is inherent in education today. Having healthier and happier employees leads to positive effects including increased productivity, job satisfaction and overall district performance.

Have you heard teachers complain that stress is a top wellness problem? Do you have absenteeism, apathy or employee turnover issues? Do you wish you could empower teachers to take better care of themselves? Our passion is offering on-site & online wellness to employees in a way that is simple, takes minutes-a-day and is a  low investment.

We support your faculty by promoting teacher self-care and creating an emotionally and physically healthy workplace so teachers can thrive at work and at home. The foundation for this lies in Mindfulness 101 and Dear Stress, Let's Break Up as onsite or virtual presentations. Optional resources include downloadable materials to help staff set up their days with intention, and release stress to reset themselves before heading home.  Guided and moving meditations along with release and restore options are available to support them in embracing this mindful mindset


A Calm Classroom Begins with Me!

Our newest presentation brings tips from MWell's mindful classroom curriculum to teacher's fingertips!



Gold Award for Well Workplace for a Year of Mindful Wellness

Oshkosh Area School District launched this program and won the National Gold Award for a Well Workplace based on improved results in: overall health and well-being, weight loss, improved focus, less feelings of being overwhelmed and stressed and improved sleep.

“Our faculty and staff experienced profound improvements in being happier at home and work, feeling better, not getting sick and giving themselves permission to rest. The surveys showed a marked improvement in how teachers measured their stress levels – much lower after engaging Mindful Wellness into our daily lives. We loved working with Kristin!“

– Diane Vogel, Oshkosh School District